Hey, I'm Dan, 18 from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire,

My Hobbies Include Playing Guitar and Singing in my Punk-Pop band 'When I Grow Up' hopefully you'll hear some of our recorded songs soon! Still in the practising and productive process :) Other Hobbies include songwriting, hanging out for my friends and being there for em, chilling with my Staffy, Basketball, listening to music, going to gigs, photography, graphically illustrating I used to skate but stopped cause I kinda sucked but I'm probably gonna get back into it :D

Love fooooooood, pizza n mexican

I'm quite a weird fucker tbh, I find farts and shit funny and I'm a very serious guy when there is a serious but matter but I'm immature as fucckkkk, but that's just me. Me and My Best Friend Gian, Are like Tom and Mark I swear to god, i mean we have the same retarded humour, have the same 90's Skate Punk Rock music taste, we wanna fuck each other...

I love old Atticus Tees, Dickes and Cargos, Spiked hair, sweat bands, old school vans, high top socks :D

Big fan of the southern californian skate punk scene

Punk Rock is not just music to me, It's a lifestyle. I admire the whole idealism of it all, standing up for your self and not valuing all the Naysayers fucking opinions! Never let anyone tell you how to live your life, we are all who we are and we're all beautiful. Of Course people have different opinions and may not like particular things which is fine that's who they are, but never give shit to anyone for who they are, You see that's what some of the elitist Punks say and they're are totally going against the whole concept of Punk! It's about being fucking yourself and who we are and standing up for it, not being for one particular type like when they say mohawks and leather coats or you're not Punk rock, That's just them being elitist and contradictive and the same as the other, stereotypical, arrogant bastards.

Music is my therapy and I adore the band Blink-182 not only for the music and how much I can relate to it and there for my problems but the guys themselves. I love how alike I am to them, how cool they are, how hilarious they are, how nice they are. I listen to so many bands but some of my other favorites are Descendants, Green Day, Mest, Teenage Bottlerocket, Guttermouth, MxPx, Sum 41, Boxcar Racer, Goldfinger, The Offspring, Ramones, Pinhead Gunpowder, The Distillers, Zebrahead, Pulley, Lagwagon and loads more!

My main heroes consist of Mark Hoppus, Tom Delonge, Billie Joe Armstrong, Milo Aukerman, Mike Herrera and Dexter Holland.
My other heroes , Deryck Whibley, Mike Dirnt, Travis Barker, Brody Dalle and Tony Hawk, who was also my childhood hero too.

But Hoppus, my dad .

I'm Just a guy who loves music and I be who I am and I'm not ashamed of who I am, I f you are then you shouldn't be ashamed. Be proud, that you're different and unusual. Remember we are all beautiful.
Rest in peace CBGB.1973 -2006. born in 1995 and i wish i was born before to have had some kick ass times there seeing New York Punk Rock bands play there like The Ramones, Bad Brains, Dead Boys, The Misfits, Agnostic Front, Gorilla Biscuits  

Rest in peace CBGB.1973 -2006. born in 1995 and i wish i was born before to have had some kick ass times there seeing New York Punk Rock bands play there like The Ramones, Bad Brains, Dead Boys, The Misfits, Agnostic Front, Gorilla Biscuits  

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